Honda 'The Evolution of Stunts with Damien Walters'

Devising a sequence set within a fixed 3-walled set The Evolution of Stunts would use no post production effects to bring the action to life. Projection mapping original animation on 4 surfaces Little Dot Studios would create immersive landscapes that could support practical effects in real time.

Action would be continuous with the narrative literally driven along by Damien who was positioned on a 9-meter long treadmill with spring base that could rotate in either direction.

The film would culminate in Damien performing a full body burn whilst running and then somersaulting on top of the treadmill. To do this we flew a specialist fire master over from Australia with his own independently produced flameproof suit that was so lightweight it would allow Damien to run and jump with a freedom of movement not possible with traditional full burn body effects.

Directed by Chris Turner

Production and Creative Direction by Little Dot Studios

Cinematography by James Medcraft