Castrol Magnatec 'Listen'

Olgivy Matther approached MLF to create a unique global campaign that used the latest high technology engineering and in camera techniques to promote the Castrol brand.

The result was an entirely in camera technique that combined many world firsts in terms of animation engineering. Similar to our earlier McLaren project we created a 3d animated sound sculpture that was 'light printed' in 3d space using timelapse and motion control. By using an LED screen and three motion control systems, one for the camera, one underneath the stage and one holding the light printing LED screen; we where able to 'print' light around our engine to convey an artistic representation of Castrol Magnatec's effect on an engine.

Aired worldwide in 2015 and 2016
Confused!? Watch the excellent making off that explains the entire process.

Directed by Marshmallow Laser Feast and James Medcraft
DOP: James Medcraft
Produced by Pretty Bird
Agency: Olgivy Matther China
Client: Castrol